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Institute Pics!

Finally, Institute Pics!

I finally got all of my pictures developed from my Institute show in Pittsburgh in August. I apologize for the picture quality. I really suck at taking pictures. The brightness and colors really suck—they’re all from a Wal-Mart picture CD and for some reason it always screws it up. They look a lot better in the actual pictures.

Charlie and me!

signing my shirt—this was the “damn, girl, you got some hair!” comment lol

Chris and me (these look waaay better in picture format)

Chris—“I’ll look all studious and shit” What a goober.

Gavin had been talking to MEEE—he was turning away. This was right before they dragged him away, denying me a picture.


Keet reacts to the events of the evening.

I wish these looked better online, some of them look like shit.

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