nickyad (nickyad) wrote in institutemusic,

Gavin Rossdale - Solo Album

Sorry for not having made this community a better place. I had started a new job back in 2006 and it literally has taken over a large portion of my life. Anyways,

Hopefully everyone is excited for Gavin's solo album Wanderlust?

You can hear the single & the music video at his official website:

You can also check out his *erm* myspace.
His official site USED to list the tour dates, but it's not there anymore.
The album trailer is on his myspace....

He's got a few tour dates down. SO i'm hoping he'll add Phoenix to the list, BUT I definitly will be heading to Las Vegas in July!!

Album release: June 3rd, 2008!
Tags: gavin rossdale, tour, wanderlust
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